Soul Brother Kevin

Kevin is one of our first celebrities to volunteer to help Karting With The Stars.  We are extremely grateful to the generosity Kevin has showed us by not only signing up to be one of our first celebrity drivers, but also allowing Doctor Portee and Bob Melia time to speak during his radio show about our event.   Off air Kevin’s generosity continued by offering to recruit other celebrities to race in the event.


Soul Brother Kevin has been with Real Radio on and off for over 8 years now but his fascination with the station began long before that.  As an avid listener he soon enrolled in the internship program and began working with The Monsters, then in middays.

Now Kevin hosts his on show on Real Radio 104.1

Highly recognizable and impossible to ignore, Soul Brother Kevin lends his name and time to a number of mentoring programs for Central Florida children and teens.  He can be found on weekends performing at comedy clubs throughout the Southeast.  Funny, witty, creative and totally unpredictable, Central Foridians can’t get through the day without hearing what the Soul Brother is up to!

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