Cobe Mikacich

legend_2A legend in the sport of wakeboarding, Cobe is one of the most energetic fun-loving guys you’ll meet. If he’s not on the boat, he’s surfing, or riding his road bike, or go-karting, or riding bmx, or building something no one else thought of!

Cobe grew up in Northern California and started wakeboarding at Donner Lake right as the sport was beginning. He moved to Orlando in the early 90′s. Cobe competed on the Pro Wakeboard Tour for 13 years. He had a successful road tour of coaching clinics for 11 years. He was the 2000 IWSF World Champion.

Cobe is now the O’Brien Wakeboard Team Manager. He is also the inventor of HANGTYTE and the owner of the HANGTYTE patent.



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